Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Located in Portland, Maine, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies offers a 15-week immersion program for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in documentary writing, photography, or radio.
This blog is an update of current Salt students insights and musings.


week 4 was mine

On the walk home the other night, I had written this elaborate post in my head about how this past Thursday was the 4 week anniversary of the day my best friend and I crammed so much of my stuff into suitcases and boxes, had one last "family dinner" with my baby roommate Kevy (he's 20), and drove to the San Francisco airport to take the red-eye to Portland on my way to begin this new adventure at the Salt Institute ("is that place real" was the common reaction when telling friends and family where I was headed).

Instead of uploading said post, I spent the better part of Thursday afternoon at Brighton FirstCare finding out I have mono. Yes mono, the most fun of illnesses, one with no cure, just some vague instructions from my doctor about drinking fluids and no clear answer as to exactly how contagious I really am. "Well, if you feel like going to school, you can, just be careful about sneezing on people..."

So now I'm the second kid at Salt to get mono. What a small world we inhabit. At least I found out I was contagious after Erin spent the afternoon at the clinic with me (sorry about that - I'll totally make it up to you!)

It's not so bad. Worst thing was I had to reschedule meetings so I'm a week behind. And week 4 was going to be my week. Kind of lame. But now week 5 better watch out, I'm coming for you.

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