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Located in Portland, Maine, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies offers a 15-week immersion program for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in documentary writing, photography, or radio.
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hey, what's wrong with a little satire anyway. sometimes it's just called for. are you talking about me john allen??!?!? about my lobster guy? paranoid over here...

so salt teaches documentary. and i stumbled across this guy who (essentially) schemes, and whose ideas are kind of ridiculous (i.e. ending human lobster consumption internationally.) and now i'm telling his story - or perhaps even just a story ABOUT him. no, it doesn't get deep. no excuses. but im going with: fairness to the listener, they deserve a chuckle. and can draw their own conclusions about his psychology.

over 'n out.

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Calvert Williams said...

I so want to hear this story.