Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Located in Portland, Maine, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies offers a 15-week immersion program for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in documentary writing, photography, or radio.
This blog is an update of current Salt students insights and musings.


Spring 2009, belated

Just to kick off this semester's blog, here's a taste of the quotes and concepts up on our wall here in the Radio A room:

"I'm not a stalker, I'm a documentarian."

"It's hard to tell because it's jazz."


Prodigious Umms


"Is he the one with the fannypack?"

"Mouth noise is not your friend."



Audio Diorama / The Salt Diorama track

"Wow, I'm really excited by that nudging... you guys should be too. Nudging is really intuitive."

"I heard your smile today."

"Bisect the mesa."

"Alright lady, let's folk it up!"

"Smell is like touch... at a distance."

"Just a quick thoughtlet..."

"High five no scenes no focus!!!"

"I misread your blinks."

As you can see, we're trying not to be creepy in our earnest endeavors to document the world around us... but failing miserably. We'll get less creepy soon... we promise.

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